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Web developer and graphic artist Colyn Brown who lives in Friendsville, Tenn., is creating trading cards of some of the best banjo players past and present. He grew up listening to bluegrass music and started taking banjo lessons a few years ago. (Tom Sherlin/The Daily Times via AP)

Bluegrass Trading Cards

Banjo Player Trading Cards

By Noah Tyrrell

FRIENDSVILLE, TENN ( A local resident speaks about portrait paintings of well-known banjo players being turned into trading cards. Trading cards have been in the hands of many people, especially kids. These have been around for decades, but have predominantly been for sports players and teams. Colyn Brown of Friendsville, Tenn. has put bluegrass musicians on trading cards now. The 42-piece set includes people like Earl Scruggs, Ashley Campbell, Nick Hornbuckle, and many more. They are still for presale and he says he will come out with more once portraits are completed and with the help of many other artists. 

These trading cards will be very unique as they are normally sports, games, and many others, but nobody really has ever done bluegrass banjo players. Brown was very interested in doing this project as he was surrounded by bluegrass music and has always listened to it since his dad was a banjo player. Brown himself was a graphic designer and had this idea for some time, but has just recently started it and has gotten some work and money into it. His cards are in presale right now for fourteen dollars, and he has completed around 35 and is still working on ten more, you can see what these portraits look like on their site. This project was seen by BlueGrass Today and has picked up tons more friction.

Brown hopes for these to be able to be made in actual production to let everyone get a chance at getting them.

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