Philanthropic Grants aid Climate Change Coverage

By Bailey Tate

CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( Philanthropic grants are changing the game when it comes to journalists covering climate issues. More than two dozen journalists from across the world have been hired to focus on how climate change impacts agriculture, migration, urban planning, the economy, culture and other areas around the world. How Climate Change Impacts the Economy goes more in depth on how climate change can impact the world that we live in.

The new funding from the grants will allow more coverage for these issues to raise awareness and bring solutions. Philanthropic Grants Can Help with Climate Change allows a closer look on how imperative it is that climate change not only be covered, but how philanthropies involvement and contribution to the issue could be monumental in the climate change crisis.

 Peter Prengaman Leads AP’s expanding climate coverage with the help of the grants that were received. Prengaman now has the opportunity to build a team of journalists around the world to cover one of the most important issues that our world can encounter. By having the necessary funds and coverage, more light can be brought to the issues surrounding climate change and how deeply people and our Earth can be affected if proactive and efficient change is not brought to fruition.

Climate Change Linked to Cultural Outcomes gives a historical perspective on how climate change can greatly affect the culture across the world if a positive change does not take place. The involvement of philanthropic grants is giving the world an opportunity to gather facts about climate change and the reality of where our world is headed if something does not change.

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