Things to do in Chattanooga During Summer Break

CHATTANOOGA (TN)- Once school ends and students and teachers are finally able to take a break, it can be hard to find activities that keep you interested and exploring. Chattanooga has some fantastic activities for students, teachers, families, couples, and friend groups.

It can be very easy to lay around all summer since the weather is nice, there is less schoolwork, and not as many responsibilities. Laying around all summer is perfectly okay if that is what you want to spend you time doing. However, some people want to go on adventures but do not know what is out there.

One of the most popular activities to do in Chattanooga is the Aquarium. The Tennessee Aquarium is the largest freshwater aquarium in the United States which makes it a very popular activity for everyone who lives in or is traveling through Chattanooga.

The Tennessee Aquarium costs $39.95 for an adult to buy a ticket and these tickets can be found here. Lat year, the Tennessee Aquarium offered half price tickets for college students, faculty, and staff from September 11 until September 30. It is unknown if they will be offering this discount again this summer but everyone should be on the lookout because it is a fantastic deal.

This can be quite expensive for a day trip for some people, especially college students. Other, less expensive activities to do this summer include street festivals, Lookout Mountain, Rock City, and hikes.

One of the best rated street festivals during the summer is the Chattanooga Market every Sunday from 11am until 4pm. This market is free to attend and has some wonderful vendors to check out.

The vendors at the Chattanooga Market range from jewelers, artists, and antique dealers to farmers, coffee trucks, and food trucks. If you are looking for a nice way to spend you Sunday and get some delicious treats, you should definitely check out the Chattanooga Market.

“I absolutely love the Chattanooga Market. I go every Sunday and have a running list of things that I see and want to get next time,” says Sydney Brown, a student at UTC.

Overall, there are plenty of things to do in Chattanooga during the Summertime. It can be very important to stay active and involved in the community especially when school is out.

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