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Lily Carter

Why College Students Need to Learn to Budget

CHATTANOOGA ( College students can be reckless when it comes to spending money. This is an incredibly important issue among all college students because not learning how to budget can have a serious impact on their future.  There are many reasons why students need to learn to budget in order …

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Things to do in Chattanooga During Summer Break

CHATTANOOGA (TN)- Once school ends and students and teachers are finally able to take a break, it can be hard to find activities that keep you interested and exploring. Chattanooga has some fantastic activities for students, teachers, families, couples, and friend groups. It can be very easy to lay around …

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Target to Pull Pride Line. Why?

Lily Carter        May 30, 2023 WASHINGTON, DC ( Targets across the country as pulling their Pride line from the shelves due to backlash from customers. You can find the original story here. Pride line tag in store The Pride line launched early this May and will be altered before Pride …

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