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How to be Safe on a College Campus after Recent Murder Charges Against UTC Student

By Jordan Price

CHATTANOOGA, TN ( – Campus safety has been an ongoing debate and concern for years after the incline in school shootings and the rise in social media users leaking their every move publicly for the whole world to see.

A former UTC student, Jason Chen, is being charged on two counts; one count is for the first-degree premeditated murder of Chen’s girlfriend Jasmine “Jazzy” Pace, and the second count is for the abuse of Pace’s corps.

Photograph By Chattanooga Times Free Press

After Pace went missing for a few days and didn’t come home for Thanksgiving of last year in 2022 with her family, the case began. After finding blood stains in Chen’s apartment they eventually found the corps days later with all signs leading to Chen as the suspect. However, his trial is ongoing, and he is in jail with a five million dollar bond.

“I just want young girls to be safe and tell someone your plans before leaving your house so they know where you are if something were to happen,” said Bailey Putman, a lifelong best friend of Pace.

Chen and Pace’s relationship started on an online dating site called Bumbl. Dating platforms like these are common among college-aged students and are a great tool for meeting people. However, meeting strangers is also a deeply terrifying experience as well. Meet with strangers in a public setting. This can be a mutual spot on campus or even the mall or a park. 

Many students use apps like Tinder and Hinge to find a date or a possible significant other. With so many strangers access to your location, pictures, and even voice, stalkers can become very informed about your whereabouts. 

This also includes social media posting. Posting at large events or out of town with a location tagged or mentioned is sharing private information with the public. Not all millennials and Gen Z think this is a problem until a situation arises and they become unsafe.

Photograph By Business Insider

UTC Police have done a great job of being a common support system for students during hard times. From breaking down on the side of the road to needing help from a stalker, the UTC Police does it all for its students. 

“I don’t think crime is as bad this year as it actually went down since the pandemic,” said Caption John Boe, a UTC Police Officer.

With a homeless outreach center called The Salvation Army right beside campus, homeless people walking around and through campus are not uncommon. The UTC Police however found there isn’t much of an issue with the homeless people if there ever is a call about one the situations are easy to handle. 

If you want more tips there is a YouTube video from The Today Show linked below.

If you are ever in danger as a student or faculty member please call the UTC Police at 423-425-4357 or 9-1-1.

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