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Olivia Rodrigo’s New Album Guts Makes an Impact on Fans

By: Madeline Frost 

LOS ANGELES, CA ( Olivia Rodrigo is a 20 year old pop star who rose to fame in 2021 following her hit song titled “Drivers License”. She quickly climbed up the charts and has become a favorite in the world of music. Since then she has released an album titled Sour and most recently she released her sophomore album titled Guts.

Guts features twelve songs all written with teen angst and heartbreak in mind. Rodrigo is well known for her storytelling in her music. She has an ability to reach a multitude of audiences including fans of all ages. Her music is described as “… a canny fusion of piano balladry and retro pop-funk, layered with flavors of grunge and emo.” 

Rodrigo has special abilities that set her apart from the rest. Her abilities include “…her cathartic singing, emotional lyrics, and catchy yet authentic breakup tunes.”

By putting these two musical superpowers together, Rodrigo has been able to make a sophomore album that has exceeded expectations and broken records within the music industry. 

Guts quickly became Rodrigo’s second number one album. This is essentially equal to 302,000 albums sold in the U.S. and roughly 100 million streams. 

The first single released off of this album titled “Vampire” quickly topped the charts becoming number one with 23 million streams. Once the album was released, all 12 tracks placed within the top 40 spots on the Hot 100 List. Two of which are in the top 10. 

The excitement surrounding this album will only continue to grow. Rodrigo recently announced the Guts World Tour on September 13 and will be on the road beginning in February 2024. 

The impact that has been made by this album as well as Olivia Rodrigo will only continue to grow in the coming years. Rodrigo is on a roll and seems to have no intentions on stopping anytime soon.

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