Social Media Influencing Young Women to Indulge in Plastic Surgery

By Jordan Price

Photo by FreePik of cosmetic injectables.

CHATTANOOGA, TN ( – The famous Instagram models with millions of followers are shaping their bodies with fillers, Botox, and plastic surgery to fit the ideal look to become famous and keep their physique young and appealing to everyone who watches them. This influence can inspire and discourage young women who are comparing themselves to these famous models. The consumers of this media realize they don’t look anything like that, then proceed to become aware that these influential women on social media are undergoing plastic surgery and these young girls will begin to receive the same cosmetic surgeries to feel more attractive.

“I have noticed a rise in younger women coming into my office to receive treatments since about 2018,” said Jodi Mehlenbacher, a lead aesthetic injector at Thrive Wellness, which is a local Chattanooga medspa. “Young clients mainly come for botox or filler in their face and lips.”

Males signify that big features as in eyes and lips on women are what men are more attracted to. Young women aspire to get that look by getting filler in your lips. Filler is an average of about $600 for a full syringe of filler, which is the most common treatment for women in their 20’s and 30’s according to

Photo from iStock of a Botox syringe going into a woman’s face.

Abigail Leonard is a UTC student who has received many different injections. Her most costly injections are filler in her lips and Botox in her lips, chin, and forehead.

“I started getting Botox because since I was 16,” said Leonard. “I had huge wrinkles on my forehead and I wanted that to be fixed.”

Photo by SkinSpirit of a Doctor in Los Angeles.

Leonard continues by saying how social media has influenced her lip fillers. As she saw other women like the Kardashians and Alix Earl, who are huge Instagram influencers with over three million followers get lip injections. The media consumers thought it was the new trend to feel accepted by society. 

Knowing young women are so highly influenced by what they see on their phones, they take matters into their own hands to change their appearance to feel more attractive or receive male attention. For the elderly, this action is mind-blowing.

A mother of a college student, Christine Gordon, whose daughter has received Botox for about a year now explains how she wishes younger women would see they are beautiful without any touch-ups.

“Makeup was all we had when I was younger to enhance our looks, said Gordon. “Going under the knife and having needles in your face is so unnecessary to me.”

Young women should feel confident in themselves enough to not think they need to change their faces to feel prettier. Social media accepting hatred in the comments has led to women feeling more insecure about their appearance. They want changes to feel more accepted.

Plastic surgeons feel they empower women to feel their most confident selves after surgeries are implemented. They don’t think of it as changing one’s appearance. They think of it as escalating their natural beauty.

“There’s not a better feeling than knowing I’m the reason someone feels more beautiful once they leave my office,” said Mehlenbacher.

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