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Have you ever felt stagnant in your day-to-day life? Is everything you do bring about a constant state of repetition? Well, if so, you may be suffering from lack of change. As scary as it may be to some people, change is actually a great thing that can help you develop adaptive skills, growth, knowledge, and many more traits.

          Jane Applegate says that whenever she is feeling like her life is on repeat, she changes things up to add variety in her life.

          “It could be as simple as going to a new coffee shop that I have never been to which adds excitement and change in my life,” states Applegate.

          Change tends to be scary for most people, depending on the magnitude of change and what areas of your life it effects. In fact, according to the article, Why You Have Fear of Change – All the Ways to Overcome, our brains are designed to find peace in knowing. When we experience change in life, we struggle to understand what will happen. It’s the fear of the unknown that comes knocking on our door when your comfort vanishes.

          Anna Park admits that the fear of the unknown is what scares her most about changes that can happen in her life.

          “You really never know where life is going to take you,” says Park. “Two years ago I would have never expected to be where I’m at now, but I’m grateful that my life isn’t the same as it was then.”

          However as nerve-racking as it may be, experiencing change in life can bring about numerous characteristics and traits that go to develop individuals’ characteristics. According to Ani Alexander in the article Is Change Always a Good Thing?, he claims that if you do not create change, then change will create you.

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          “One never knows what each change may bring. When you turn from your usual path there will be plenty of different opportunities waiting for you,” exclaims Alexander. “Changes will bring you new choices for happiness and fulfillment.”

          Often times when someone feels like life is mundane, it’s due the repetition and familiarity of their everyday life. To switch it up, you could do something as simple as driving the back roads home from your normal navigation.

          Zkya Romulus says that she was able to get out of a rut by a simple change of mindset.

          “Honestly, it’s all about your perspective,” states Romulus. “Changing my mindset helped me out a lot. Knowing that it’s my life and it’s up to me to create the reality that I want. It’s easy to look at the negative but when you deliberately try to look for new opportunities then more often than not you’ll find them.”

          According to the article, Change in the Workplace Karen McCullough explains some of the positive benefits of change in the workplace.

“Staff who perform the same jobs constantly day in and day out will never get the chance to show their skills or learn anything new to bring to the company,” States McCullough. “If people do the same thing day in and day out, they will never learn to develop new skills.”       

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     You could change anything in your life big or small. Even changing your thought process can have a huge impact on your life. Or creating a new gym routine and adding in something you’ve always wanted to do. Something even as big as getting a new car can all help you break the cycle of every day life and bring about new experiences for your life.

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