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Lundy Longstreth

College Acceptance Letters Contest

                                                        UTC Acceptance Reactions These Moments Last A Lifetime Chattanooga, Tennessee ( accepted into your college of choice is a priceless moment that will be remembered forever. Being accepted into the same university that people’s parents and often times, even grandparents attended is a moment that will last in …

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Will Trump’s Impeachment Go As Planned?

WASHINGTON (AP) – The latest in Washington in regards to President Trump’s Impeachment[AM1]  Trial is that[AM2]  John Bolton, former National Security Advisor, plans to testify[AM3] .  New allegations from him took attention on the suspected corruption in Ukraine. This past Wednesday fellow senators asked almost 100 different questions ranging from executive power …

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Smoke Ban Pushback

It is a new semester, with new classes, new friends with new ideas from UTC students on how to improve their college experience. Sixty percent of UTC student ages range from 18-21. This age bracket of student feel as though they are adults and they can make their own decisions. …

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Trump’s Impeachment

            WASHINGTON (AP)- The latest in Washington in regards to President Trump’s Impeachment is the shocking factor that John Bolton plans to testify at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. There have been new resurfaced allegations from the former national Security advisor which took an interest on the alleged corruption in Ukraine. …

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