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These Moments Last A Lifetime

Chattanooga, Tennessee ( accepted into your college of choice is a priceless moment that will be remembered forever. Being accepted into the same university that people’s parents and often times, even grandparents attended is a moment that will last in individual’s memories forever. UTC is starting a campaign where new freshmen are recording the moment they receive the acceptance email or letter in the mail. UTC has a lot to offer its students, from their new library to its growing campus. UTC wants to see the initial reaction. UTC wants to see the joy, excitement and emotion that follows each student as their journey to achieve a higher education begins. This is an on-going trend and it’s time for our University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to join in on the fun! According to UTC Student Government Association president, Seth Settles, “college are the best times of people’s lives as they grow into adults.” So why not capture the moment from the very beginning?

            These UTC students will enter a drawing for a winner with the biggest, most joyful reactions. There are tons of videos online of millions of students being accepted into their college of choice. Just not videos of our local University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, until now. These videos, the tears and the joy will stay with everyone involved forever. 

The winner of this will win a free UTC parking pass for their entire freshmen year! These reaction videos will be played at freshmen orientation and will change every year. The purpose behind this is to get the excitement up and get the word out that college is a right of passage for every student. UTC wants to be a part of these students most memorable moments, from the very beginning. The bigger picture to take away from this campaign will help younger students understand the excitement that comes with starting your college journey. It will begin a trend where college and education becomes to “cool thing” within our younger community.

            According to a new international graduate student from Sudan, Ahmed has moved to Chattanooga and been accepted into UTC and plans to study electrical engineering. “It is a chance to find new challenges, to meet new people, to learn from them, and to also share your own culture. It should be a mutual exchange, and the chance to experience that is one that should be taken.” Students from all around the world are joining the UTC Mocs family and they have good reason to strive to become a Moc! Carlos Juarez told UTC admissions office that “I came to UTC because I felt it was a high level university with high rankings and because of the partnership between my university in Mexico and UTC.” To most people, college in the complete experience that is necessary in becoming the well-rounded adult these students strive to become.

There is great advice on our UTC webpage, that focuses on advice from returning students who have decided to put forth the effort and return back to college. Being accepted after all the years, challenges and obstacles that life may throw at them is a moment that everyone should cherish. UTC wants the public to know that their doors are open to everyone. Any race, gender or age. There should be no reasons in the back on anyone’s mind, that achieving a higher education is not possible. UTC is a university that becomes like family to each and every student who walks in the classroom. There is an open door policy for all teachers, faculty and staff. Now with this campaign we hope to help celebrate the road to achieving a higher education.

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