UTC’s Significant Campus Improvements

Chattanooga, Tenn – The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is undergoing an ongoing set of projects that is exciting students and faculty alike. These projects are not just occurring on the campus’ grounds, but inside the University’s walls as well. From building modifications to programming improvements, UTC is working diligently to bring a sense of new to its campus.

One success that the University has achieved through these continuous projects is the renovation and dedication of their new UTC Tennis Center in 2018. The beautiful new center boasts six courts, locker rooms and a few coaches offices. This project is just one of many that shows UTC’s dedication to improving their campus for everyone – current students, staff and alumni alike.

Many students around campus are excited about the changes taking place on campus, as it gives them a feeling of pride in their school. “I think it’s cool that UTC is showing us students that they care about us and that they want us to be a part of this community,” says UTC junior Emily Halvorson. Similar to Halvorson, former UTC student Adam Hubbard shares the same excitement in the campus’ growth. “Every time I go back to visit friends at UTC, I have been impressed by how much UTC has changed – for the better of course.” He says it is made apparent that the University is doing their best to take care of the students who attend.

Not only are these campus upgrades affecting school spirit, they also seem to be having an impact on student body growth throughout recent years. As UTC has continued to grow and change, an increase can be seen in the amount of students choosing to attend the University. “I’m not surprised that people are becoming more interested in our campus,” says Halvorson. She added that she believes UTC’s campus upgrades are beneficial not only for the growth of the student body, but for the growth of school spirit as well. Of course this is not only due to the construction projects, but surely the obvious time and effort spent beautifying campus is paying off. As can be seen in this summary, UTC’s student numbers are surely growing, with hopes that this trend will continue upward.

Another important project happening at UTC is the renovation of the infamous Lupton Hall, formerly known and used as the Lupton Library. This building will include “…replacement of all building systems and finished to accommodate general classrooms, offices, and other academic spaces,” according to blog.utc.edu. This specific renovation is causing students to navigate a little differently through that section of campus in order for the project to be completed effectively. UTC student Luke Dammann reported on the Lupton Library convergence, showing and explaining some of the progress being made at that site.

Regardless of any inconveniences that these construction projects are causing for students and faculty, most students are choosing to see the positive of the situation, celebrating the University’s growth. UTC sophomore Josh Zander says he feels that all the construction “can be frustrating, but will be worth it once it has been completed.” For the most part, UTC students are excited about all of the University’s changes, hoping that their school will have the opportunity to excel like they know it can.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has seen some significant improvements over the years, and are continuing to develop the campus in order to best reflect the UTC Mocs’ pride. While projects are continuing to be completed, UTC students and faculty are being both patient and hopeful for the renewal that these renovations will bring to their beloved campus.

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