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Should Students Be Able to Grade Their Professors? Exploring the Benefits and Limitations of Course Evaluations

By Allison Pursell CHATTANOOGA, TN ( The relationship between students and professors is at the core of the educational experience. While traditional grading systems allow professors to assess students, the question arises: should students be able to evaluate their professors? In recent years, the idea of students grading their professors …

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Freetime as a College Student

by Chris Figgures CHATTANOOGA ( Being a college student isn’t always easy.  Sometimes you will need a break or two just to enjoy life away from school. College students all around the country take time out just to gather their thoughts and to sit back and relax or maybe even …

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UTC’s Significant Campus Improvements

Chattanooga, Tenn – The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is undergoing an ongoing set of projects that is exciting students and faculty alike. These projects are not just occurring on the campus’ grounds, but inside the University’s walls as well. From building modifications to programming improvements, UTC is working diligently …

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