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Trump’s Impeachment

            WASHINGTON (AP)- The latest in Washington in regards to President Trump’s Impeachment is the shocking factor that John Bolton plans to testify at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. There have been new resurfaced allegations from the former national Security advisor which took an interest on the alleged corruption in Ukraine. This past Wednesday fellow senators asked almost 100 different questions ranging from executive power all the way to having the authority to pick and choose their witnesses to call to the stand. An article from NBC news has more information regarding the questioning as well as the chosen witnesses. To Republicans this news comes as the ultimate shock to congress and not in the presidential agenda. However, to Democrats this is a long awaited trial of investigation. For example, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi does not plan to go down without a fight. Some use the phrase Pelosi is “going all in on President Trump”.  In a recent article Pelosi states, “apart from declaring war this is the most important thing that the Congress can do.” Pelosi feels that it is her job not only as a citizen of this country but as a member of Congress to do what is right in regards to President Trump’s impeachment.

            Pelosi has worked for politics for decades, but it has been reported that her last year in Congress has been hands down the more challenging and more consequential. She is going up against the most powerful man in the United States. Some call her crazy and some call her a hero.

            The latest on this on-going story and investigation is the fact that Trump’s defense has shifted to not “impeachable” even if true. Despite the full force Democrats have put forward to find all possible witnesses to this investigation, Republicans have focused bringing this impeachment trial to a vote. This voting system could occur in as little as a few days and will put an end to this entire investigation. Even with new, shocking disclosures from national security advisor John Bolton it just may have come a little too late and this topic might have been going on long enough. We will stay updated for any new advances in this story as well as to see what Democrats will do next.

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