Regina Baker

What UTC Has Done for Diversity and Inclusion

Chattanooga, TN: The University prides itself on being the most diverse and inclusive school in Chattanooga, staying committed to the image that the university has established is a priority. Many universities and school systems have faced backlash from systematic racism. UTC has worked to ensure its members are treated fairly …

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What Graduation Will be After the Global Pandemic

By Regina Baker Chattanooga, TENN. After the rise of COVID-19 universities changed the directions of graduation. Following CDC guidelines and regulations did not give students your normal graduation. With the pandemic slowing down and vaccines are being administered. Students and faculty within the university have seen improvement in rates of …

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9/11 and Our World Today

By Regina Baker The hijacking on Sep. 11, 2001 led to the most catastrophic event America has ever seen. The sabotage of the twin towers left America in despair. After twenty years many Americans are still facing the effects of the bombing on 9/11. The world today will never be …

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