Vaccines allow schools to go back to normal.

by Tony Scott

CHATTANOOGA (mocsnews) –

With the COVID-19 vaccine becoming available across the state of Tennessee, universities and colleges are planning on going back to a normal semester this fall. After a year of virtual and hybrid classes, most schools are planning for in-person classes and allowing more fans to attend events.

President of APSU, Michael Licari said he feels it is important for students to have on-campus opportunities. Allowing the school to return to in person.

“The campus community has done a fantastic job working toward restoring those aspects to campus, and I look forward to a traditional campus experience for our students this fall.” Says Licari in a news release.

East Tennessee State University is not planning for a complete return to a normal year, but they are increasing more on-campus activity and increasing housing capacity.

“Given the promise of multiple vaccines and the opportunity to realize widespread vaccinations across our region this summer, ETSU has begun planning for an increased on-ground campus presence for fall 2021 with the majority of academic instruction occurring in-person,” says Brian Noland, president at ETSU.

Maryville College has decided to go 100% in person. Allowing full capacity housing, in-person classes, and max capacity at sports events. The school had offered some in person classes during the 2020-2021 school year and encouraging students to get the vaccine if possible.

President Bryan Coker says, “We look forward to resuming all in-person instruction and programming for the fall, which are undoubtedly the greatest strengths and true hallmarks of the Maryville College experience.”

All UT campuses will also be following Maryville College’s plan and going back 100%. The emphasis of “fully in-person” was stated and wanting to have max capacity at both UTK and UTC sporting events.

“As case counts continue to drop and vaccines become more readily available, we are nearing a turning point in this pandemic,” Chancellor Donde Plowman said. “We’ve heard time and again from students and members of our faculty how much more effective and meaningful learning can be when we are together in person. I look forward to safely providing that experience again this fall.”

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