Mayor Of Chattanooga Seeking $20.8 Million for new Lookouts stadium

Mayor of Chattanooga is seeking $20.8 million for new Lookouts stadium           By Owen Kennedy

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE ( Mayor of Chattanooga Tim Kelly has a recent proposal of $20.8 million dollars of in state money for a new multi-use stadium for the Chattanooga Lookouts primarily.

This would be a big upgrade for the Chattanooga Lookouts to get a new home from the aging AT&T field that sits on the downtown’s riverfront.

The new proposed site for the new stadium is on the former U.S. Pipe/ Wheland Foundry tract  in the city’s South Broad District, and $7.3 million of the funds of the project would be to environmentally clean up the proposed site.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee had this to say about the proposed project “Chattanooga has the opportunity for a transformational community project, he said, adding the stadium could help redevelop the 141-acre site and bring in $1.5 billion in private development.” 

Citizens of Chattanooga have different views on the new proposal of the stadium, Bryan Johnson a resident of Chattanooga is not pleased with the new proposal.

“I just do not see the point of building a new stadium, the one we have is fine and I think we should be worried about other things in the city.”

Other Chattanooga residents think the new stadium could be a great money maker for the city. Mason Hughes thinks that the stadium could be great for the city.

“I think it would be great, I feel like it could bring a lot of revenue and it could be something everyone can get behind. I have been a Lookouts fan for a while, and I think a new stadium is just what they need.”

There are mixed reviews on the proposed project, but workers inside the Lookouts feel a new home is much needed, Luke Beaty who works in the club house feels it is much needed.

“A new stadium would be great I love where we are now, but we need a updated home and a fresh start.”

We will see how far the Lookouts will get to having a new home and place to play in the coming months.

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