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Chattanooga gas prices soar as citizens figure out life with higher prices

Man stressed out over gas prices

By: Kenneth Simpson II

CHATTANOOGA ( – The Chattanooga gas prices have sky-rocketed over the last few months reaching a high of $4.61 on the 10th of this month leading to commuting students to UTC and everyone in-between wondering.

Gas prices in America have been a hot topic because so many citizens are affected by the rising price, thinking will it never come down in price. 

            There are a lot of different factors that go into the rising gas prices, such as the increasing price of oil.

            UTC students who don’t live on campus have been wondering if the gas prices will eventually drop because there has been a rise in rent all over America as inflation has taken over. Students are hopeful because gas prices this time last year sat at $2.75.

            Students all over are thinking about how they can be smart and efficient with their driving this upcoming fall semester as students like Joey Fryar must work and go to school.

            “Price of gas makes me only want to go to school and back. I typically like to go to a coffee shop and do work,” Fryar said, “Or maybe if I want to do something extra after school. But, if the gas is too high, I won’t.”

            Fryar will be contemplating making decisions after his classes because the rising gas prices will be affecting his normal routine even though he lives in the Red Bank area.

People’s lives will ultimately change even just a little bit as prices steadily rise with no clear end in sight.

Ariyah Robinson, another student at the university who lives near the Hamilton Place mall drives 30 minutes on the minimum to get to school. Robinson said she will be adding $50 to $100 to her weekly budget which might hurt a bit.

Robinson also said she only plans to get her gas from Costco or Sam’s Club to save as much money as possible.

Even past the UTC students, there are small business transportation owners in Chattanooga who have been affected by this rise in the price of the gas as most of their vehicles run off on diesel. The highest price for diesel in Chattanooga was $5.51, so companies have to game plan how to be smart and cost-efficient.

Kenneth Simpson is the owner of Tri-State Transportation who survived the hardships of the pandemic with a start-up business that is experiencing yet another hardship.

“With the gas prices being high it will make you think about the expenses that your business are using,” Simpson said, “I plan to make my employees log where they went so we can save as much money as possible. I plan to be efficient as possible while the prices are where they are.”

Everyone who plans to use their car has been affected by this change in prices whether they are just everyday school drivers or driving buses around transporting people.

Different ideas have been brought up to try to help lower gas prices for people such as suspending the gas. If this were to happen it would save drivers at least $3 every time that would fill their pump up.

Two citizens talk about the gas price

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