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“Stranger Things” Release Rules Memorial Day

By: Izabelle Bradley CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (mocsnews.com) — Since its original release in 2016, “Stranger Things” has managed to keep audience’s attention .  The show follows a group of young teenagers in Hawkins, Indiana as they witness secret government operations, supernatural forces, and mind-boggling mysteries. “Stranger Things” season 4 finally hit …

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The “Metachurch” A New way of worship

By Owen Kennedy, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (mocsnews.com)- In the world of COVID-19 and the restrictions it has had on the world around us, many people have looked for ways to try to live a normal life. While in quarantine for exposure to COVID-19, Garrett Bernal missed his usual Sunday church service …

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The Cost Students Pay for Unpaid Internships

College campuses not only encourage students to participate in internships, but most colleges require students to have at least one unpaid internship to graduate. However, unpaid internships do not pay the bills.  Unpaid internships allow companies to save money, benefiting from unpaid labor the students provide, leaving students struggling financially.  …

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