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ETSU Kneeling Sparks Controversy

Chattanooga, Tenn (By Reid Harvey) – On February 16th, ETSU men’s basketball team traveled to UTC to face off in an interconference matchup against the Mocs. Players from both teams warmed up and participated in their pregame rituals for the same way they have during every other game this season. The players then stand in a line …

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Democrats reject defunding the police after Trump’s response

By Farin Cloyd WASHINGTON (AP) – In response to George Floyd’s murder, protesters across the country have called for the government to “defund the police” in an effort to abolish police brutality. Along with Trump’s rejection, notable Democrats, including presidential nominee Joe Biden, also disagree with the movement. “I don’t …

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DREAMer March Occurs Outside Chattanooga City Hall

People gathered outside Chattanooga’s City Hall for a peaceful protest. This past Saturday, Chattanooga citizens and others gathered to protest about the changes in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The protest was organized by UTC freshman Alondra Gomez, who is a DACA recipient. The march was started to encourage …

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