Chattanooga Margarita Festival Announced

CHATTANOOGA- Chattanoogans to prepare for the most unique event of the year. Chattanooga residents, margarita lovers, and twenty-one-year-olds across the board can plan to clear their schedule for the 14th of May. The First Tennessee Pavilion will host the second annual Chattanooga Margarita Festival as summer in the Gig City gets underway. 

Chattanooga Margarita Festival Logo enticing viewers to buy tickets and get festive. This photo was created by the Chattanooga Margarita Festival.

Tickets are officially on sale and come in Early Purchaser Discounted, General Admission, and Designated Driver Tickets for a fraction of the cost of those planning to consume alcohol, to eliminate the possibility of drunk driving.

The Chattanooga Margarita Festival is not just one of the dozens of faux-celebratory annual festivals here in Chattanooga. This event is unique in itself.  For a total of $39 at the gate price and $34 early purchaser price, festival-goers General Admission sampler ticket will supply twelve sample margaritas from your choice of twenty of the Chattanooga area’s best tequila mixed drink sporting eateries, totaling about $3.25 per margarita. 

Shaw Daverson, who attended the inaugural festival just last year, stated, “In terms of cost and what you’re getting this event was without a doubt one of the best spent days of my year!”

Margarita Samples mixed and ready for sampling at local restaurants booth. The restaurant created its most delicious margarita, in hopes to be announced the winner of the annual margarita festival.

hat you’re getting this event was without a doubt one of the best spent days of my year!”

 What truly sets this event apart is all of the bonuses that come with the purchase of a ticket. Accompanying margaritas from restaurants such as Taco Mamacita, Mexiville, Stir, and Mayan Kitchen will be samples of menu items. Classics that are known and loved as well as new experimental menu items. Dolly’s Smokehouse and in Season Farm-Fresh Gourmet Food truck will be present to meet that post margarita craving for scrumptious food truck delicacies. Local entertainers will be live during the event and are to be announced.

This event has a grand commencement in which the 2020 Margarita Festival Champion will be crowned. The champion will be inducted as part of Chattanooga history. Taco Mamacita is a defending champion, hoping to be victorious for a second year. 

A sneak peek of the fun that is waiting for you this May. The festival made its way to Charleston a couple of years earlier. The video shows the fun and activities that will arrive in Chattanooga in a few short months.

The festival has strict rules to follow. No animals are prohibited unless medically necessary, as well those sold designated driver tickets will not be served any beverage in the festival. Anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited in the venue, on behalf of the Margarita Festival. “This event is strictly 21+ so line up a babysitter and come on down and join us for some margaritas.”

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